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In the end: Ubuntu Edgy Eft

I am playing and fooling with Linux from a Windows migrator’s perspective. After years of development Linux distributions should work out of the box for the most common of tasks. Nothing more, nothing less. The new laptop gave rise to another set of experiments and I am sad to say that Sabayon Linux did not pass the test.

It installed fine and looked like a charm. Really, nothing beats Sabayon Linux as a showcase for the power and strength of Linux. But, and this is a very big but, I do expect a server based operating system to have no problems with maintaining an ethernetbased connection. And Sabayon did have issues. When syncing the portage tree it would close down the connection. When browsing the internet it would close down the connection. No indication of what happened. At all. For this reason alone Sabayon failed. Yes, yes, I know, I could have looked for a solution, but that was not the issue.

Next came Mandriva 2007. Always a nice and userfriendly distro, though 2006 was a bad year for the company and the distro. Install went smoothly, but can someone explain me why after a few reboots both Gnome and KDE won’t work anymore. Sorry, Mandriva was ditched. Fast.

Finally I settled on Ubuntu again. So far no glitches, no problems, everything works as it should be (remember, I am not testing wifi, yet). When you compare the various distro’s like I do Ubuntu starts to shine again.


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