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Disappointment on the Edge

Weird. I have been using Dapper Drake for a few months now with almost complete satisfaction. The Dapper DVD is a cherished disk in my collection. I like the fact that I get gnome, kde and Xfce installed at the same time. It’s for that reason I downloaded the Edgy DVD a few weeks ago.

As I wrote before, installing it on my laptop was easy. One small issue actually. I created the proper partitions with gparted (i1 Gb swap, 17 Gb ext3), but the install program stated it did not recognize both partitions (black boxes). It was fixed in the next step (setting mount points) so I did not think about it much. Now, looking back, it was the first of a series of strange errors. Of things that work flawlessly in Dapper but appear broken in Edgy. I know since I removed Edgy from the laptop and installed Dapper on it.

A list:
– Sound: works out of the box with Dapper but is non-existent in Edgy.
– Desktop: the Edgy DVD does not install KDE or Xfce (or doesn’t add it to the sessions menu)
– Installing KDE applications: will be added to the menu under Dapper, but Edgy leaves it up to you.
– Add /remove applications: when selecting “all applications” you get error messages about broken packages. Only the open source” option seems to work without glitches. Integration with Synaptic is off. Packages installed with Synaptic do not appear installed in Add/remove and vice versa.

Okay, Edgy is more cutting edge than Dapper (hello, when is Firefox 2 available for Dapper) but the above mentioned things should just work. Heck, it is only an upgrade from 6.0.6 to 6.10 and everything works fresh from the Dapper DVD. Maybe I ran into a bad streak with this particular install. Maybe, but the next install will take place on the virtual test bench.

And the laptop? Is very happy with Dapper Drake, thank you. 😉


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7 thoughts on “Disappointment on the Edge

  1. Strange indeed Jan. But I would advise you to use the cd image of Ubuntu. That is one of the key features of Ubuntu. You only need to download one cd image instead of a whole dvd. I would be very suprised if you encounter the same problems with the (live) cd image. Installing KDE is nothing more than a sudo apt-get install kde-core of sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.

  2. You know I am applications junkie. I don’t mind spending 7 Gb on tons of software I hardly ever use. The DVD is perfect for a guy like me :-). And why I like to stay connected to Debian-based repositories. Whenever I try an RPM based distro I run into an application that is not there.

  3. The fact remains that you can install a fully working Ubuntu with just one cd. And Ubuntu (like Debian) has tons of software available in the repositories. You can get whatever you want with just a few clicks. Why polute you’re harddrive with unused library files etc.??? You are not saying that you install everything on the dvd (I might hope)???

  4. He he Jos. Did you ever try the DVD install? Ubuntu is not giving you the option to select the software packages (in contrast to Fedora Core, Mandriva or Novell Suse). It´s an all or nothing game. Compared to the other distro’s the “damage” is limited since it is only desktop oriented. The other distro’s will install all kinds of servers when you go for a complete install. With Ubuntu you just get three desktop environments (Gnome, KDE and XfcE) and a ton of applications.

    You are correct to say that you can get Ubuntu up and running with a single CD, defaulting to Gnome and with Synaptic and apt-get all else is available.

    But… if a DVD is made available with all three desktop environments then it should just work. Or, and that would be a nice option for the next upgrade/update, during install there should be a section about selecting desktop environments and applications. “Hi Mark! Yes, it’s Jan from Holland. Listen, Jos and I were thinking….”

  5. Ok, but do yourself a favour and try the cd image and look for the difference. Give Edge a change, you sure would like it!

    I think the dvd is more suitable for people who used the cd and have a bad OR SLOW internetconnection. They can add the dvd content to their synaptic and use the DVD as a repository.

  6. You say KDE isn’t included in the menu. As far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) ubuntu is made for gnome, kubuntu uses kde and xubuntu uses xfce.

    So my advice: if you want to use kde, get kubuntu instead of ubuntu…

  7. You are both right and wrong. This post is about the DVD which should include all three window managers. I like the DVD because it can install the whole lot in one go. Of course -and I know that, if I would ony want KDE I use Kubuntu and with Xfce Xubuntu is the version of choice.
    I also pointed out the difference between Dapper and Edgy. When I installed KDE-based applications under Dapper they would appear in the menu. With Edgy that did not happen. KDE-based applications can run under Gnome when all dependencies are met, so I did find it strange they were not added to the menu tree.

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