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Jan Stedehouder

Dealing with disappointment

My dad went to get his minor heart surgery today. The idea was to open and widen the closed arteries that were affected. Unfortunately this did not work, which means he is now scheduled to get two bypasses and a pacemaker.
He was disappointed since he was looking forward to get this over and done with. Yesterday I noticed he was getting scared, something we expected to happen. His cardiac arrest came out of nowhere and caught him in the middle of his life. That’s scary. You feel fine one moment and have to be revived the next. The first week he was just glad to be alive, but at the moment he is growing scared to live again. Since we expected it to happen we are prepared for that. Live is just too precious to be hampered by fear.
The surgery is scheduled in the coming four or five days. Since he had to move to another hospital for the minor surgery it will take us a lot more time to visit him. A one hour drive. It’s no big deal, just a bit more planning.


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