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Jan Stedehouder

Back to work

After three creative weeks, interspersed with an emotional rollercoaster, it is time to go back to the mundane. The office is calling and with it, the office politics, tight deadlines, disorganized departments and interorganizational rivalries. And to think I am merely working at a small non-profit organization dedicated to social care projects. In some respects it is not much different from profit organizations. Why? Well, I can only voice my opinion, but for most of my colleagues the workplace is all there is, the one place where they need to find value in life. For me it is way less important than that. I don’t think my job comes in the top five of priorities. Still I made a career that way. Maybe less steep than it would have been under other circumstances, but I really enjoy my life away from work. If only it would pay better. šŸ˜‰


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