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Writing a Book: Day 9

It looks like this day I can make some progress. The trip to the hospital yesterday afternoon turned out to be traffic jam hell. Why do they plan visiting hours during rush hour traffic? ICU was a lot better, but the regular visiting hours suck. Well, since I am more bothered with the traffic than with my dad, you can conclude he is doing a lot better. He is completely lucid again, but has no idea of what happened between Thursday evening and yesterday morning. As I expected, almost all tubes going in and out his body are gone. He hates those things. No sane person would pee in a tube or a bottle as far as my dad is concerned. And he is complaining about the hospital food. LOL. Of course he is still a bit shocked. I can imagine it only so much, this hard confrontation with your own mortality.

For me it is time to re-orient and to focus again on the task at hand. The deadline for the book hasn’t changed and I don’t want Jos and Dennis to have to make up for my dragging my feet. It’s a team project with Gijs keeping an eye on things. You have been great, guys. Thanks for all the support.


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