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Writing a Book: Day 8

The last few days it seems like the days of writing have been replaced by running the 3.000 meters steeple chase, one hurdle after another. First my dad, of course. It is hitting me emotionally stronger than I had expected. I feel tired and irritate easily. At the same time he is making progress. He was released from the ICU yesterday and started talking again. He is a bit disoriented, having no idea what happened or how he got into the hospital.

Then two of my harddrives decided that their end-of-life had come and crashed down. And these were the two harddisks which I use daily, one for my main computer and one external USB drive on which I do all my writing. Yes, all materials of the last few days were lost. Mostly screenshots since the articles were already on the FTP server. So, it was more of a nuisance than a real problem, but it did cost me a few hours to fix my main computer again. I did order a new harddrive (160 Gb) which I expect in a few days time. The loss of time is a bummer and all together I lost a few days of writing. I still have enough time to finish chapter 5 (at least my part of it) this week.


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One thought on “Writing a Book: Day 8

  1. Good news about you’re dad.

    About you’re harddrives. You can also write with the live cd and put the rtf on a usbdisk.

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