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Jan Stedehouder

A night in the hospital

A sad start for this day. We were called at three in the morning. My dad had his second heart attaque, while on a day out with his colleagues. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. They keep him sedated and cooled for the coming 24 hours. There is not much else to do but wait.


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2 thoughts on “A night in the hospital

  1. Sterkte Jan met de gezondheid van je vader. Ik hoop dat hij er weer bovenop komt. Hou jullie taai!

  2. Thanks Jos. After two days there is only slow progress. My dad is no longer sedated and he is breathing on his own now. Unfortunately he is not waking up either as he is supposed to.
    One funny thing happened. The nurses asked to bring a walkman with music, since that might help to wake him up. My stepmom brought “Il Divo”. Even in his deep sleep he resisted it and did not want it. Smart dad.

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