Ruminations on the Digital Realm

Jan Stedehouder


It looks like Debian is here to stay on the iMac. On the Gnome-Look website I found a complete theme pack to turn the desktop into an Ubuntu style desktop. I also found some other interesting looks as well, so it might alter from time to time. With synaptic and some additions to the sources.list (non-US, main, stable, non-free and contrib) there is plenty to install. There is already a big difference between Debian and Ubuntu: Ubuntu made some good choices for the default desktop. The default Debian desktop has far more software by default, but why Mozilla and Epiphany and not Firefox? The Debian menu seems less organized, but Debian is not for first time Linux users. I installed Sarge 3.1R3, released on September 1, so quite recent. Debian is stable, solid and -with some visual tweaks- good to look at.


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