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Yellowdog out, Debian in

Yellowdog, day 2
And it could well be the last day. When you are used to the well-stocked and easy accessible Debian repositories, the Yellowdog repositories seem pretty bare. Adding a new repository in yum.conf was a series of trial and errors, before I could finally connect to FreshRPMs. Abiword was not in there, but Bluefish was. But yum install bluefish, brought me to the heart of dependency hell. The Abiword RPM gave an even longer list of dependencies. Only then can you appreciate the strength of apt-get and synaptic.
Yellowbird is an overall disappointment. For a distro that targets the Mac users it is unpolished and illogical. The iMac has a single button mouse. Who came with the idea to use F10 and F11 as alternate mouse buttons? It doesn’t follow the Mac oOSX experience. Why add Gnumeric, but leave out Abiword? And to use version 1.1.8 of OpenOffice is also a blast from the past. Yellowbird is definitely not keeping up with Fedora Core, where FC 5 met with wide acclaim as a strong progressive distro. I wonder if Debian is available for the PPC? I need to check that out.

The answer is yes. The net-based install is running. l might have the same problem with x, but I know where to look and how to fix it.

Well, that went smooth enough. It was simply a matter of selecting the default desktop install and on it went. As expected, X did not work, but dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xf86config along with the information from the Yellowdog experiment was sufficient to have it up in five minutes. Strange enough, synaptic did not work from the menu, but starting it from the terminal went fine. I want to change the sources list in order to add the unstable and testing repositories. And I want to install the Ubuntu theme ;-), because the default Debian gnome theme is a bit ugly, too dark for my taste. But it works and that was the whole purpose of this endeavor.


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