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Ubuntufying the iMac

I have an old iMac Indigo with a decent 768 Mb ram. Today I tried to install Ubuntu on it. First, I wanted to install it on my external usb drive, but that just stuck, twice. After that I deciced to forego Mac OSX and replace it with Dapper.
Well, the install worked. But that was about it. It was freezing slow. Nope, this did not work. Next experiment: Xubuntu or Yellow Dog. I am slightly more inclined to go for Yellow Dog as it is a company that is fully focused on Linux on Mac. Plus my G3 is mentioned as being supported. Xubuntu will have it’s shot first. Xfce is supposed to be less resource heavy. That said, I did not expect Ubuntu to be that slow either on the old box. I even used the alternate cd, just in case.
Yellow Dog comes with four CD’s. Thank ADSL for overnight downloading.


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2 thoughts on “Ubuntufying the iMac

  1. Strange about the difference in speed. I made my Powerbook dual boot with Ubuntu and man..that works like a charm.

  2. And strange it remains. Xubuntu shows the same problem. Once I click on a menu item it freezes solid. In the Ubuntu IRC channel it was suggested that it could be a hardware problem. Maybe, but why would Tiger not exhibit the same issue.
    Well, still one experiment to go: Yellow Dog

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