Ruminations on the Digital Realm

Jan Stedehouder


Do you ever have the feeling that you crammed too much in one day? I do, today. The planning was fine, but in the end too many urgent appointments krept in to ruin it all. Well, just two more weeks before my personal writing month. 😉

Whenever times appear to overwhelm me, I turn inside and upward. Even if only for a moment it is good to refocus, stabilize and see what are the more important things. Almost like a gyroscope, my faith is always pointing in the right direction, no matter how unstable the environs. I prefer the analogy of the gyroscope over that of the anchor. The anchor holds fast, where the gyroscope move freely around in relation to what is around, but is in fact the only stable element. Stability not by being static, but by dynamically adjusting itself at all times.


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