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To update or not to update

That’s the question for today. The Ubuntu update notified me of a list of updates which included a kernel update and a nvidia-glx update. With two major upgrade running foul in one month I am reluctant to accept these. Personally I did not have any problems with the previous update as some have reported , but I do consider it wisdom to wait for a week to see the dust settle. Is this a good thing?
No, I don’t think so. I like my Ubuntu setup. I had never worked with linux for weeks in a row, but the Ubuntu experience is great. Yes, it is for free, so I can’t complain that much if the free ‘use at your own risk’ service is lacking in some respect. And, yes, also Microsoft had it’s share of foul ups. But when people start to distrust provided updates that either fix bugs or plug security holes, the long term effects could be negative.
Fortunately, there are tons of available resources like mailing lists and Ubuntu related IRC channels. Especially IRC is useful. If something is wrong, the tech crowd will report it there. Hmmm, maybe I should find myself a commandline IRC program, just in case. It won’t solve the problem for the average user. The barrage of information in IRC or the forums do require both perseverance and the ability to know the problem you are facing. And after lurking in IRC for one day I have seen my share of unfriendly and impatient responses. Less than in the past, fortunately, but still there. And I could help someone solve a problem with EasyUbuntu. 😉


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