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Jan Stedehouder

Time to go public

The website for the open source elearning project is nearing the moment to go public. Most of the components are in place. It’s a matter of some final tweaks, adding some categories to the forum and the eWriting module and to iron out the small bugs in the blog section. The production package to create rich content is on line and ready for download.  I am already contemplating another release which can run the Joomla/eWriting module locally.

But, first things first. The project is in need of writers, editors. content developers, graphical designers, people who combine interest in IT , open source with creative and educational skills. Most of my time is tied in the Ubuntu book project and the articles that are planned. The coming weeks I will leave messages in various forums for writers, content developers and it afficionados to invite collaborators. The intention is to fill the site with more content before the next stage, focusing on the users, the actual target audience. I look forward to finding new collaborators and bringing the project to a stable next level.


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