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Jan Stedehouder

A Month of Writing

A few weeks from now I will spend about 25 days to write the bulk of my book. My part of it, at least. I look forward to it. 25 days of complete focus on writing, editing and simply enjoying myself.

It’s not the NaNoWriMo of which I heard a year ago. That happens in november and the participants focus on writing the first draft of a book in that month, about 50.000 words. My planning won’t allow me to participate, but that doesn’t prevent me from borrowing the principle. I already understand the benefits of getting into a flow, a creative drive that is not disturbed by other activities. It’s a technique I use at work to prepare and write policy papers and project proposals. The feeling you get when your fingers flash over the keyboard and transform thoughts into lines, paragraphs and chapters. Fantastic. The official NaNoWriMo will have to wait for another year, but I look forward to it.

The routine of writing smaller pieces for the blog is also reaping dividend. There are various blogposts that could serve as building blocks for the book, I have a small beginning for the fiction novel and it stimulates a fresh and new way of looking at thing, events and people. Which immediately influences the way I look at myself and my thoughts, feelings and emotions. The path of the writer is giving access to a new ‘reality’. As a reader I have enjoyed many journeys of the mind, as a writer I enjoy the journey into the unknown, the undescribed and the yet unseen.


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