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Ubuntu against software piracy

I have been cooped up with another blog post for days now, which is turning into a longer article. In the meantime I have made some progress in promoting Ubuntu. I got two guys who do our IT work to try it out and a pastor from a small Pentecostal church wants to dig into Ubuntu as well. He want his members to walk on the straight and narrow and illegal software doesn’t fit on that path. At the same time he realizes that (a) the members do not have the money to pay for the software they need and (b) they do need the software for personal development. Last week he was looking for some audio software, so I showed him Dyne:Bolic. After that Ubuntu was easy. Of course I told him about the book we are writing as well. Let’s call it market preparation.

I do think he is making the right choice. With the increased access to broadband connections and the tons of illegal software available through peer 2 peer, the promotion and distribution of Linux could be considered as a good move against software piracy. So, we can only encourage the creators of expensive, proprietary and hacked software to promote Linux everywhere and to support the marketing of decent open source initiatives. If they put their muscle behind it, this would rip the foundation away under illegal sharing of software and the entire peer 2 peer community would collapse. No one, absolutely no one, would ever share illegal, hacked, proprietary software, never again.


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