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Boys and their toys: my own Porsche

Two days ago I sat behind my wife’s computer, only to be disgusted by her mouse within seconds. She still had an ancient piece of hardware. Personally I use a marble trackball to prevent serious RSI problems. No my wife needed a decent mouse as well and off I went to the Media Market. The mouse was easy: a 1600 dpi laser mouse for 20 euro. But then I noticed the store was packed with bargains. Hence, I went home with a LaCie Porsche design 250 Gb external harddrive as well. This expanded my current 200 Gb to an interesting 450.
The drive was formatted NTFS so I was curious how Ubuntu would handle it. Without so much as a hickup. The disk was mounted automatically with full rights. The speed is incredible. I hardly notice a difference with the internal drives.
Did I need the extra 250 Gb? Nope! I can’t even use the drive for an alternative OS, since my box doesn’t support USB boot. I will use it for backup purposes, but to be honest… it’s just a toy 😉


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One thought on “Boys and their toys: my own Porsche

  1. Everyone needs to splurge once in a while, Jan. It’s only healthy 😛 I find myself succumbing to an urge to buy out the electronics store. Besides the fact that I am a nut for all things techie, I find myself fascinated with the “new” and “shiney”. I suppose this could be a vice if not properly controlled. However, the occasional impulse purchases are always fun. . . . and more often than not, well deserved. So, hopefully you’re not feeling guilty about your new drive. If our places were reversed, I would have done the same thing.

    Have fun!

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