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Jan Stedehouder

It's all eye candy, I know, but it is so cool!

After installing Compiz/Xgl I was already flabbergasted. It’s not just the cool screen effects, though they are a lot of fun. It is also the clarity and brightness of the screen fonts. Stunning is the right word.

There were a few problems though. Programs like VMware and VLC got glued to the top menu bar and Wine and Crossover didn’t want to start up anymore. A Google search revealed the ‘problem’. Not really a problem, but apparently the Ubuntu repositories play it save with Compiz and do not offer the most recent builds. It was suggested for Wine to work properly to get the latest DEB package.

In order to do that I had to add this site to the source’s list: dapper. Once I had done that, the upgrade icon started to blink and I could download the right set of packages. It did not proceed without a glitch, but it did work. Once the install was completed compiz did not work, so I choose to go for a reboot. Yes! It worked again and nothing appeared to be broken. Untill I tried to move a windows to another location. More cool effects as you can see in the screenshot.

It looks like the application window is made of rubber band. It absolutely not useful, but it looks neat. 


Compared to the former compiz install I also noticed a difference in the ALT-TAB and the rotating cube. The rotating cube has the Novell logo on the top and bottom side (sorry, couldn’ t make a screenshot of that one). The cube also drops backward a little before rotating.

The ALT-TAB is slightly improved. It nows gives the application icon and the name of the program as well.

The problems with VMware and Wine are gone. I can move the VMware windows around and Wine fires away like nothing happened.

Like I said before, it is all eye candy, but when I compare it to the Vista eye candy it is less obtrusive, less buggy and way less irritating. Functional? Nah, but a great way to show off Linux and Ubuntu.


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