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Ubuntu eyecandy beats Vista

After the X-disaster I was reluctant to fool around with the graphics department. But what is the use of a powerful graphics card ifyou are not going to squeeze everything out of it. First I used Easyubuntu to install the nvidia driver. That appeared simple enough till I noticed the message that the install could not be completed. It required a manual edit of the driver section of Xorg.conf. After a few days of playing around that didn’t reall pose a challenge anymore. It was nice to see the nVidia logo pop up during reboot.

But I wanted more. I wanted the Xgl/Compiz candy. A Google search with Ubuntu Xgl nVidia brought me to a great step by step walkthrough. It seems daunting, requiring the command line and edits of various files. But it simply works. Period.
The first reboot did not seem to deliver an improvement. On the contrary, all screen fonts were very grainy. I played around with the screen resolutions, decided on another reboot (force of windows habit). Then my jaw broke.
Oh man. What clarity. So sharp. Then I tried out the wobbly windows, the rotating cube, exposure, the alt-tab Vista style. Unbelievable. This made my day.


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