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Jan Stedehouder

Rest and Spiritual recuperation

I tried to do nothing today. No work, no projects, no social obligations. just relaxation and a stack of spiritual food in the form of magazines. I did not completely succeed since I did do some maintenance work on my website. But that was it.

I needed to have this day off. I needed the time for building up my own spiritual strength. Reading the Bible, studying key principles, meditating on my relationship with God, Jehovah, are vital element of my life. But I have learned that even a life filled with spiritual activities can drown out that time for myself. At one point you start to wonder why you are so emotionally tired. So, that is why I take a day like this, to prevent exhaustion.

It always makes me think of Ferris Bueler’s day off. Every once in a while you have to stop and look around. Get out of the routine and focus on what is really important.

Tonight I could conduct a small bible study group. We were discussing the role of angels in our lives. It is fascinating to see how the bible describes our heavenly brothers, serving our god as well. I love doing these groups, to dig deeper in the bible and make it alive and practical for us today. I feel privileged to serve the congregation in this capacity. And the day of rest and spiritual recuperation served me well. Without wrecking a Ferrari. 😉


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