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An "I am going to ditch Ubuntu" moment

This is one of those ‘I am going to ditch Ubuntu’ moments. After following the suggestion to update X, I don’t have a graphical interface any more. This is totally unacceptable. I don’t have the time to start looking for a solution. I have a good idea where to look: a conflict between the update and the nVidia driver. But I am in the middle of a lot of work and can’t spare the time to figure out exactly what the problem is and how to solve it. I took the ‘easy’ route.

Simply put, I used Knoppix to salvage the /home folder, followed by a reinstall of Ubuntu. This way I can work again tomorrow and get VMware back during the day. By copying the right folders back into the new /home folder Thunderbird, Firefox, Gaim, Konversation and Rythmbox will be on the move again.

But these are not the things that are supposed to happen. No newbie is going to continue with Ubuntu in this way. For the geek it is only X that is broken, but for the GUI oriented the OS has become worthless. Just when he only followed the update advisory. Oh, and he wouldn’t understand a thing about the errorlog. I am not giving up, but this was a waste of my time.


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