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Ubuntu migration: mission accomplished

Today I finalised the migration to Ubuntu. Moving the Thunderbird profile folder to it’s new .mozilla thunderbird location took care of all the mail boxes. Then came the boring part: adding all email accounts with their incoming and outgoing servers. And it stayed boring. because I also configured Rythmbox for my podcast subscriptions and my USB mp3 player. Boring number 3 was configuring Mobipocket for all the RSS feeds in the VMware Windows box. But if is all done, completely.

There are but a few applications that still require Windows. My old pocket pc needs Activesync and Mobipocket for all the newsfeeds. For now I haven’t found a replacement for PocketDivX, a nice program to compress videofiles for your pocket pc. My fitness training program won’t run under Linux or in a virtual windows box. And, yes, I still keep Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver and Fireworks close at hand. For now the document conversion is not perfect enough to allow seamless cooperation on the same document from Word to Openoffice or Abiword.


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2 thoughts on “Ubuntu migration: mission accomplished

  1. Hi Jan,

    Leuk al dat Ubuntu nieuws. Als je je bestaande Thunderbird profile kopieert naar je Ubuntu box (/home/jan/.mozilla-thunderbird) dan is toch alles in een keer gedaan? Je email, adressen en account info is dan overgenomen.

  2. Hoi Jos,

    Dat klopt ook. Helaas neemt de importfunctie van Thunderbird niet alles over uit een Outlook instelling met meerdere accounts. Slechts één account en ik had er meerdere ingesteld staan. Die moeten dan achteraf handmatig worden toegevoegd. Helaas waren ook alle regels verdwenen die ik had ingesteld om de post gelijk te sorteren (vroeger postbode geweest). Maar…. dat komt wel weer.

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