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Jan Stedehouder

A decent start

The journey into Ubuntu is firming up. I had two full days of work with it and overall it was a decent experience. On the negative side there are some glitches that I would not have expected. I wonder whether a linux newbie would have stuck around to solve them. Going beyond the default install and setup  immediately brings you on a steep learning curve and into the command line experience. And Chinese? Without some basic knowledge on where to look for a solution the noob would have no other alternative but to reinstall.
On the positive side, Ubuntu is a well thought out distro. I installed Abiword and Gnumeric, to use instead of Openoffice, but the default set of applications has proven sufficient for everyday use. I can chat, write and listen to music. With the help of Easyubuntu adding MP3 support was a breeze. It proved me again how much bloat I put on my PC. Mind you, with the access to the various repositories I could bloat Ubuntu just as fast.

In the months ahead I will no doubt run into problems. I know my way around in Fireworks, but have no clue about Gimp. I will have to set up a local LAMP solution as a test bench for my web development. And maybe dozens of little things, where I had some nifty tool to deal with it. Not often, but when I needed it. No doubt those tools exist under Linux, but to use them as automatically as the Windows based tools will take some time.


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