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Day two: Chinese Ubuntu?

Okay, I like a challenge. But to boot into Ubuntu on my second day and see a Chinese menu is a bit too much. Fortunately there nice little icons so it wasn’t hard to find the country flags. It then started to update a ton of kde language packs. That is something I need to clean up later. It’s nice to see Ubuntu’s support for oriental languages. It is not perfect, because most of the items in the applications menu are perfectly readable by me. In English.
In GDM I could change the default language into English (Hong Kong), which in turn gave me a perfectly readable interface. after that I removed all the languages I did not need. When that was solved I could get my hands on the task I really wanted to do: finalising the migration.

First Outlook. As far as I know it is impossible to directly import Outlook files into Thunderbird, Kontact or Evolution under Linux. It is possible to import Outlook files into Thunderbird under Windows and that is what I did. The process is almost smooth, almost perfect and almost complete. Almost, because it only transfers one of my ten email accounts. All the email boxes where there, so we consider that a plus. Since I lost some time today, I couldn’t finish the transition under Thunderbird. Gives me something to do in the weekend.

In Firefox I have tons of bookmarks to websites with login information. And I did not want to add all that information into Firefox under Linux again. Exporting and importing bookmarks is easy, but I want all information. The important Firefox information is stored in the folder Application Data -> Mozilla -> Firefox. In Windows, because in Linux it is stored in the home folder in a hidden folder called .mozilla. The Ubuntu filebrowser reveals the hidden folders by CTRL+H or View-> Show hidden folders. The .mozilla folder has a Firefox folder. I stored the contents somewhere else and copied the similar files and folders from the old Windows setup. Fingers crossed, but no problem whatsoever. It even migrated all my Firefox extensions without a glitch.

Now I do wonder what language I will see on Ubuntu tomorrow?


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