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Journey Day One: the red pill

This was my first work day under Ubuntu. And a good and productive day it was. Now, mind you, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. For whatever vague reason Ubuntu decided not to mount the NTFS partitions. And one of my virtual machines appeared corrupt overnight. So, plan B was set in motion and one 40 Gb partition will have to continue life as FAT32.

After that it was a smooth ride. Time for a stress test, something that would crash my XP box instantly. With four virtual desktops you have some room to wiggle around. So, at desktop number 1, I created a new virtual machine and installed Windows there. While that one was running, I used desktop 2 to run GAIM, Kopete and Firefox to do some Digital Realm multitasking. On desktop 3 K3B was happily chunking along copying some audio CD’s and on desktop 4 the real critical stuff was happening.

I am working on the plan and budget for 2007. Big stuff with far too little time to finish it. Why would anyone with some sanity of mind even consider doing that under those stress test circumstances? Beats me, but that is what I did. Oh, and all the files were on my external USB harddrive. At one point I had seven documents open in Abiword and one spreadsheet in GNumeric.

Now, I do know one thing for sure. The way my Windows box has been acting recently, it would not have been amused. It wouldn’t even have accepted all this behavior and freeze on the spot. Like I said before, that is my fault. But it is fun to see that Ubuntu took it all without so much as a hickup. Only a small one. The automount feature of VMware had to be disabled.

And now, at the end of the day, all is well. It was a productive day and I almost have everything in place for the final and complete migration. Outlook, Firefox and some Windows apps that I really continue to need. Activesync is solved, for now.

With this in mind I decided to give myself a treat. We have an interesting Goods4you shop in the neighborhood that is gathering an interesting collection of xBox games. With people moving to the xBox 360 in droves, the collection of second hand xBox games is increasing and dropping in price at the same time. For a little over $5,– a game I took home Crash ‘N Burn (if Ubuntu won’t crash, something will have to), CSI (because working with Ubuntu often requires forensic skills to solve the problems) and Matrix: The Path of Neo (since, if you didn’t know yet, the matrix runs on Linux as well). Time to take the red pill now.


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