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Jan Stedehouder

Transition time

I have been playing with Ubuntu due to the book I am working on and during that I started to wonder why I still did not transition completely?
Games? Not really since I do most of my gaming on the xBox or I use a swappable harddrive for that. Specific software? Nothing that can’t be replaced by open source applications or isn’t already replaced. Firefox, Thunderbird and Gaim are part of the standard toolkit, both on the harddrive and the usb drive in their portable incarnations. ln the end I had to conclude the inconvenience of migrating to Linux would be smaller than the one experienced by the regular crashes of my current XP setup (no doubt corrupted by my own hands).
There are a few problems I do expect. I use Mobipocket web companion to synchronise my old Cassiopeia with various news sources, which I also use to write the entries for my blog. Getting both syncs up and running will require some effort. Then there is our all-in-one. It is hooked up to Agnes’ computer, so I have to network my way to that one. But, those as problems to solve and not major hindrances to full transition. Time to back up all critical stuff and get going. Linux is ready for my desktop.


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