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Migrating to Ubuntu brings up another snag: my NTFS volumes. My box has various partitions. I like to keep things organised. But, out of the box Ubuntu does not support NTFS read/write or any access. The Ubuntu wiki describes a solution, albeit with the caveat that NTFS support is highly experimental and not to be used in production machines. I have another decision to make. Should I try the experimental road or should I reformat the partitions to FAT32? The last one is a nuisance and takes time, but might be the most stable solution for now.

Snag number 2: printing. When I try to add a printer it says that CUPS isn’t running, while the overview of running services proves otherwise. Fortunately, after a reboot, the menu did work. My Lexmark X7170 is not on the list, but we will find the driver for that one.

Snag number 3: I like to play around with VMware, so I decided to download a demo package from the VMware website. You have two flavors, RPM and a tar ball. Well, the RPM solution did not work, Ubuntu requiring DEB packages instead and the suggestion to use “alien” to transform the rpm into a deb package… well, it did not work. It did leave me with some directories that I can’t delete from my harddrive. The tarball worked way better, until I wanted to configure the VMware installation. Oops, no GCC installed. Of course it something that can be remedied quite easily but it does prove that Ubuntu has a very tight default install. That is no problem when you only install software from the repositories, but once you step outside of that you need to have more Linux knowledge. But how many newbies would even consider playing around with VMware? Not many I think.

One a completely different note (one that seems to contradict the journey into Ubuntu): I used a nice little app called Windows Live Writer to create this post. It’s compatible with various weblog applications and gives you a WYSIWYG look on how your post would look like online. There are more applications like that, of course, including an extension to But, I have to grant Microsoft this, this is a great nifty tool. Too bad I am moving away from Windows. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Snags

  1. Dennis on said:

    FWIW: as of edgy, Ubuntu will include build-essential and kernel headers by default, because users indeed can’t find them 🙂

  2. Kenny Bush on said:

    Did you get the Lexmark X7170 all in one printer to work? If not what next?

  3. The printer? No, but I must admit I did not try that hard. I hardly use the printer nowadays. My wife is the one who needs it most and she is using it under Windows. It should be time to fix it though.

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