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The pace is picking up at my work. Officially it is the summer holiday period, but it is hardly noticeable. The next few weeks I will be busy with the plans for 2007. Our organisation receives annual subsidies and the city government decided to change the way those subsidies are decided upon. Normally we would give an overall plan with a general budget. For 2007 they introduced activity based costing. As a model, that is fine, but for our branch with a lot of costs fixed in social workers  it is complicated. My guess would be that 80% is budget for the people who do the job, 10% is housing and indirect costs with a meager 10% of activity related budgets. Our core business is to help people to straighten outproblems with housing, finances, psychological and pedagogical issues.
At the same time our staff is getting over worked. The staff to client    ratio is soaring and even I had to take up some clients myself. Normally I am in management responsible to get out new projects. The clients are in the most difficult categories: multi problem, delinquent history, hardly any training or education, without housing or income. I don’t mind. In this way I can find out for myself whether the methodology I designed is actually working. But it is additional work, which I immediately notice in my body. Not stress, but exhaustion. I have to be careful. I love my job, but another prolonged period of illness could ruin it again while it finally looks things are moving the way I want it to.


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  1. It sounds like you have your hands full. Please do remember to take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, and eat as best you can. You seem like a strong individual. You can make it through this rather stressful time. Pace yourself and don’t let the stresses of work get the better of you. Always remember, work for YOU. Because your job will neither save your soul, nor help you sleep at night.


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