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Jan Stedehouder

On the tapestry of life

How diverse and interesting can a single life be? When looking back over the last two weeks I can see many things that would have warranted blog posts. How often is your week filled with meeting kind and good people who suffer from psychiatric disorders as varied as psychosis, paranoia, border line and suicidal tendencies (aside from it being your job)? How often is a good acquaintance killed at the age of 26, leaving a three year old son behind? Killed, apparently, by a former boyfriend just released out of prison. And how often does her file wind up on your desk because the insurance refuses to pay for the transport of the body back home?
And there were the good things of life. Like a grateful family when your work helped to release the needed funds. Like a three day visit with a dear old lady friend, a spiritual sister starting the eve of her life, meeting new challenges head on. Like the opportunity to expand serving my God and my brothers and sisters with new privileges and responsibilities in the congregation. Like spending an afternoon with another good friend, finishing another level in an RPG together.
Life is filled with unique experiences, some joyful, some painful, but all to be savored as moments that add a unique pattern in our personal tapestry.


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