Ruminations on the Digital Realm

Jan Stedehouder

There goes life

I hate hardware problems. Especially when it contains information that can always be restored but is just tedious to do. My external 2.5″ harddrive decided today to impersonate a cricket, a dying cricket. And, while saving as much data as possible, the drive wasn’t recognized any longer by Windows. Aarrgh… Time for another rescue attempt. I put the disk in another casing and this solved part of the problem. The original casing was fried, but not without corrupting the harddrive. In the end I could salvage all my portable Thunderbird mailboxes, about 99% of my documents (the rest can be restored from the company server) and the whole collection of portable applications. Time to get a new harddrive and casing. Thus leaked away a couple of precious hours.


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