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A writer's rant

One of the things I really want to be able to master is creative writing. When it comes to non-fiction I know what I am able to achieve. Therea is still plenty of room for improvement, But there is no lack of ideas, or structure or inspiration.To try my hands on fiction seems to run into a huge snag again and again. I did some poems, tried a few short stories and have a general idea for a novel. The poems were written in intense emotional periods, periods in which my HSP was hypertuned to the people close to me. Story writing is more complicated. I seem to have more skills as a story teller. John Hurt in his role as the stoy teller continues to fascinate me. But writing it down in a way that won’t result in something boring is a skill and an art I don’t master yet. This blog is one way of developing some of that skill, to write down ideas, observations and descriptions of life, people and events. Notes that are allowed to be random, to have no coherent meaning or even a relation to the real world. This could be fun.

Anyway. the first idea for a novel is as follows. The main character is a man in his mid 30s, who experiences an identity crisis. He has a strange name, Bin, and his appearance bears little or no resemblance to his parents or siblings. Bin finds himself in the midst of a stagnant career, a worn out marriage and the sad realisation that none of his ideals ever materialised or has a chance of ever getting close to that. Bin’s only refuge is a large second-hand bookstore annex ‘ramsj’ store with tons of unsold editions of all kinds of books. In this micro cosmos of failure Bin seeks inspiration to get his life and his identity back on track.

I want to develop the plot along psychological, absurdic lines. It should be fun to read, but a critique against all the self help gurus at the same time.


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