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Jan Stedehouder

Oh yeah, I am a proud husband

Agnes is wrapping up her studies. For the last two and a half years she has been retraining from a secretary into a school teacher. She wants to teach dutch to foreigners. She really loved digging into ins and outs  of the language. She did research, went through various trainee ships and is now finishing her last paper.
I still remember when she started. She was so nervous. Stacks of books, tons of assignments.  She thought she would not be able to organise it all.  Being in her early 40s she wondered if she had the flexibility for this career change.
I knew she was a born teacher. The only thing  I really did was to express that confidence. And now I feel a sense of pride when I see her grades and her joy and confidence. She loves teaching. She loves interacting with people from all kinds of cultures.
This fall she waits to start up a business in teaching. Again we are going into uncharted territory, but I have full confidence that we will succeed. Yep, I am proud of my wife. 😉


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