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Jan Stedehouder

Vista, I am not an idiot!

Test driving Vista means you actually have to work with it. This morning i popped in the Vista harddrive and fired up the system. The boot appears faster, but looks are deceitful. It took a minute after the full screen appeared, before I could actually do something. The nice gadget showed 100% CPU use all the time. On the plus side: no teletubby screen colors. The default screen of XP was enough to keep me away from it for another year. However, XP made me feel like an idiot, whereas Vista treats you like one.
Experiment number 1: moving files from one partition to the other. This seems like a simple task. Not so under Vista. First you need administrator’s rights to do that. When it finally starts executing it, it tells me it will take 3 hours to transfer less than 500 Mb!!! Ridiculous, because it took less than 10 minutes under XP. Definitely a big let down. And why would I need admin rights to do that? As a windows power user I want to work with more rights than I currently get.
For instance, I run Firefox and Thunderbird from a USB harddrive. every time I start one of them, the screen freezes, the Windows firewall kicks in and I need to give it permission to run. Again and again. I gave permission the last time!
The almost continuous screen freezes, the pop ups asking you for permission or warning  that you need admin rights for that really has to go. Microsoft, why do you think we have popup stoppers in our browsers? Because it is really, really, really annoying.
Next issue: recognizing the network. something that you might expect to war flawlessly in the Ultimate edition. Not so! I admit that I did not dig very deep but used the wizard to change the workgroup name. Vista ain’t fast and after ten minutes it decided to tell me it couldn’t find the network. Duh!. But you are connecting to the net through it! Time to dig deeper, but that is for a later time. And I definitely dislike the new program panel. One last question: does anyone actually have a Groove account?


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