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Lust for life!

Who is the man that is delighting in life,
That is loving enough days to see what is good?

These words have been written by David in the book of Psalms. I must have read them a number of times, but now they stuck in my mind. It invigorated me, created a new lust for life. Or, as the song goes, it brought the realisation that today is the first day of the rest of my life. A new dawn on what I desire to achieve.
Of course, the opposite also holds merit. The movie Flatliners opens with a shot of Kiefer Sutherland, greeting the dawn of a new day, with the words ‘Today is a good day to die’. A phrase oft repeated by Klingon warriors, but lets not digress here.
For me, it brings the realisation that I want to live each day as if it was the beginning of a grand new journey as well as the final opportunity to reach the final destination. Love the people I want to love, serve my God as he deserves to be served, make a positive impact -albeit small- on the world around me and love life enough to see what is good.
Yes, I know, for some people life is a continuous struggle. I don’t mean social-economic hardships as they come from without. I mean the struggle from within. A fight against one’s own past, against the emotional scars that make looking for a bright future as real as staring at a mirage of an oasis in the dessert. I know as life did not spare me at all. But we are not just passive victims of fate. We can choose to be architects of life, designers of our own future, within the boundaries of our physical, spiritual and emotional limitations, but with a lust for life and with determination to stick around to see what is good. Today is a great day to start.


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One thought on “Lust for life!

  1. pkjazz on said:


    I found this to be very inspirational and full of depth. I think you do a wonderful job of touching on the human experience in such a way that motivates people to strive each day to be better than they are.

    I know that this has inspired me.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I look forward to more.


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