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Jan Stedehouder

Tried and tested?

Two parts of the OpenSource eLearning site were installed today: Joomla with a few extensions (Joomlaboard, Community Builder, DocMan, Zoom, eWriting and CivicCRM) and Dokeos. Fortunately the previous templates still functioned, so the sites at least look familiar.

Joomla and it’s extensions is mostly stable stuff. As stable as open source development will allow that is, but Dokeos is a challenge in itself. I am using the community release which is the cutting edge of the cutting edge. I want to install Dokeos 1.8 later this year. The developers have some interesting features in the pipe line ( and it will definitely be an asset to the Open Source eLearning site. I think it will make it easier to add and manage rich content.

Rich eLearning content, that is what Open Source eLearning is all about. There is plenty of text based information about open source software, but when it comes to multimedia materials….. Oh, you can buy your materials from LinuxCBT (and they are very good), but they lack a certain ‘joie de vivre’. And the materials from Lynda, VTC, Trainsignal, Total Training and CBT Nuggets are very good, but also very expensive. And they don’t deal with open source software. Open Source eLearning wants to change that: to create multimedia training tools to help migrate to open source software, build and developed using open source tools.


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