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Jan Stedehouder

Off to a new start

When is a good time to start a blog? Is it ever a good time to jump on an already overcrowded bandwagon? Why would I complicate my life even further?

For me, there is but one reason to start this. I am about to embark on a very exciting year. In the coming year I have the opportunity to write my first book. Together with two other authors, but still. At the same time I will be involved in a great building project. That should be enough for most, but there is more. I have two main online projects that need a lot of work.

First, my wife will start a new career in teaching and she wants to do some freelance work with that. That is website number 1, together with a complete business- and marketing plan and simply helping her out with this adventure.

Secondly, I still have my Open Source eLearning project. Health issues kept me back from fully devoting my time to that one. I need to rebuild the site and get some projects going.

That makes four major projects that I am excited about. Besides that, there are a lot of thoughts and ideas that flow through my mind. I need some space to set them free, make them public. This blog will have to be that space.

Today is a great day, it is the first day of the rest of my life.


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